Swaas home décor products are made responsibly to ensure it has a positive impact on people and planet.

Natural Fiber

Swaas products are made out of natural fibers like cotton, organic cotton, bamboo, linen , Hemp etc., Through this we ensure the products are good for our skin and are naturally biodegradable. 

Non polluting dyeing process and safe chemicals

Swaas products are manufactured in a ‘’zero liquid discharge’’ facility meaning, all the water used for fabric dyeing is recycled up to 95% and the rest is evaporated thus making the process nonpolluting to the environment and water bodies. 

All the dye stuffs used for fabric dyeing are certified ecofriendly dyes and are on par with GOTS (organic ) standards.

Women Empowerment

Swaas products are sewn in a state of the art sewing factory where we employ 75% women. By buying Swaas, we indirectly employ many women and in turn touch many families

Skill Development

At Swaas, we provide skill development for unskilled workers and provide them employment as well . So far we have provided training for more than 500 women workers and we have employed them in our factories.

Tree plantations

We have planted more than 5000 Neem trees in 35 acres of land close to our factory premises which keeps the air clean and helps us to provide excellent working & living conditions for our employees.
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